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Education Market Experts

Education Market Experts

We help companies from start-ups to industry giants promote and sell their products and services to faculty, administrators and students in PreK-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Education Market Experts is a proven and trusted advisory firm for companies working in the education marketplace. Since our founding in 1995, our full-service firm has created lasting impact for our clients and the communities in which we live. Our deep bench of professionals brings powerful thinking and front-line education industry experience to our clients, helping them capture revenue growth opportunities and maximize their realizable value.

We cultivate open, honest, and direct partnerships with our clients and build expert teams for each clients’ unique needs. We are driven by helping our clients exceed their revenue growth by at least 5X their investment in EME services, enabling them to focus on their highest priorities, and minimizing missteps that can cost valuable time and money.

From small start-ups hoping to break into the education market to established companies branching out beyond their existing spheres, EME provides the research, product development, sales, and marketing tools needed to help our clients succeed.

How We Help You

Get in touch with us today and let’s start transforming your business from the ground up.

What We Do

We help companies from start-ups to industry giants promote and sell products and services to faculty, administrators and students in K-12 schools, colleges and universities. We formulate sales and marketing strategies, help build partnerships, scope out the best market opportunities, and determine the best ‘go-to-market’ approach.

Why Us

We have decades of front-line education market experience. Our deep understanding of how the education market works along with our expansive education industry contact network gives our clients a competitive advantage and helps them avoid costly mistakes. And unlike the typical agency, we customize teams to match the needs of our clients.

How We Work

Whether you need an education market expert to address a short term need or you are seeking a long-term sales and marketing partner, we offer several options for you to experience the value of our services. We determine what type of working relationship will best serve mutual interests and what resources will ensure your success.

We’re Waiting To Drive Your Success

Your success in the education market is in sight!