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At Education Market Experts, we understand the challenges of funding as they relate to the education market. We work with experienced funding specialists and industry experts to provide you with actionable funding intelligence, matching you with targeted opportunities and giving you the competitive advantage you need.

Why Do Companies Need Funding Intelligence?

Whether you’re a small startup or a seasoned company, selling in the K-12 market can be challenging. Budgets can be slow to move, gatekeepers abound, purchasing cycles vary, and many schools and districts are unaware of the funding that’s available to procure products and services.

That’s where Education Market Experts comes in.

We’re Experts in K-12 Funding.

Our specialists have nearly 50 years of experience in the field of funding intelligence. We know how to sort through the noise to uncover opportunities that are a precise match between your product or service and what K-12 schools are looking for.

We closely monitor funding, grants, and requests for proposal in the K-12 marketplace and pass that intelligence back to you. This actionable insight into federal, state, and local funding sources available in your sector can provide your company with real business revenue opportunities.

We’ll not only help you find the funding options that best meet your product and market, but we can also help you better pursue and close on those targeted opportunities.

More Funding. More Clients. More Sales.

Education Market Experts can help you leverage this funding intelligence in marketing and sales strategies, resulting in better returns, more leads, more meetings, better conversations, and proven value to the schools and districts you serve. You become a partner, helping guide schools or districts to find purchasing solutions to procure your products and services.

From curriculum to construction, training to transportation, and everything in between, there are thousands of K-12 funding opportunities that surface each month. We can provide the timely, vetted, and precisely-aligned funding insights so you can focus on closing those targeted deals and generating revenue for your company.

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