We do not engage in “cookie-cutter” consulting.

Rather, a typical engagement begins with an expert who has deep experience and insight into the education market and an assessment of the goals and objectives of the client. We seek a deep understanding and consensus about what needs to be accomplished and how success will be measured.

Education Market Experts offers a range of client relationships

  • Project-specific contracts – These can vary in length where specific deliverables, tied to a timeline, are required to support product development, marketing, or sales initiatives.

  • Long-term retainer agreements – One of our consultants may serve as a part-time business development executive or “virtual VP” of sales, marketing, or both. Retainer agreements may also be appropriate where our team of experts is an outsourced sales and marketing department.

  • Single-day or short-term strategic consultations – This can be an effective solution when the insight and perspective of an outside expert is needed to support critical sales, marketing, and channel decisions.

  • Hourly consultations – For focused answers to tough questions, to get timely feedback on your plans or simply to experience the value our experts deliver, engage our services on a cash-based hourly fee basis.

We’re Waiting To Drive Your Success

Your success in the education market is in sight!