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At Education Market Experts, we provide the personalized investment services you need for your company to grow. Whether you’re a small start-up exploring investment options, or you’re a seasoned organization wanting to make a strategic move, you can benefit from our expert investment advice.

Strategic Partnerships / Joint Ventures

Unlock Dramatic Growth

If you are looking for a like-minded company to enhance your existing assets, we can help! Education Market Experts specializes in pairing and introducing you to potential partners that complement your company and provide you with the growth opportunities you need to succeed.

What is the difference between a strategic partnership and joint venture?

In a joint venture, two or more companies operate as one by combining their resources to make a separate legal entity. In a strategic partnership, two or more companies work together to achieve common goals but operate separately and independently.

Education Market Experts will assess your current resources and goals and determine the best path forward based on the partnership opportunities we unveil.

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Capital Identification / Introduction

Capital is a critical component of running a business and financing its future growth. Are you looking for an investor to help fuel your revenue potential? We can help locate and introduce individuals and firms who are interested in YOUR business. We have a large network of investors specific to the education marketplace that will provide you with the capital you need to take your business to the next level.

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Did you know?

Education is a $4 trillion market in urgent need of an overhaul. As a result, venture capitalists are eager and optimistic about investing in education startups.

Purchase / Sale Advisory

I am looking to sell my company:

Are you a startup founder or business owner looking to get your company acquired? Whether you are still in the initial idea phase and are planning your exit in advance, or you’ve hit a ceiling and are ready to cash out and hand the baton on to someone else, Education Market Experts can help!

Let’s discuss next steps and strategies that will help you achieve an attractive ($$$) exit!

I am looking to acquire a company:

Are you looking to acquire other companies to expand your growth potential? Education Market Experts can introduce you to the right companies that will help you achieve your goals.

Let’s discuss your ideal acquisition and growth potential!

Strategic Advisory

As an organization, you rely heavily on the insight and experience of your board of directors, and rightfully so! The members of your board have most likely traveled the path you are hoping to take and can advise you on potential growth opportunities, pitfalls, and acceleration tactics.

That is why Education Market Experts has been asked to hold multiple board of director positions. We provide companies like yours with the intelligence and guidance that will help you succeed in the education marketplace. Why do companies choose us to sit on their board?

  • We’ve advised more than 200+ companies in the education industry
  • We’ve seen an average 7x return on investment for clients
  • We have 100+ years of direct experience in the education marketplace

In a nutshell, we’ve seen it all. We keep a pulse on all things education and can offer advice on a broad or specific basis.

Education Market Experts can provide you with the investment knowledge and expertise to help you capitalize on strategic growth opportunities and maximize your company’s potential!

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