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Whether you’re concepting the next best product for the K-12 market, or you have a fully developed product, Education Market Experts can work with your company to establish a solid research base. Our team of highly-qualified research experts can provide the review and validation required by many schools and districts nationwide.

Why Do Companies Need Research?

It’s imperative to have validated research- and evidence-based products and services when working in the K-12 marketplace. Even if your product was developed using established research concepts, many schools and districts nationwide require third-party review and validation that follows Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) recommendations.

Many ESSA programs encourage prioritization of evidence-based interventions, strategies, or approaches when reviewing and purchasing products or services. Education Market Experts’ research team can evaluate your product based on the ESSA tiers of evidence and provide the documentation necessary to firmly establish your product within one of the tiers.

Research output can take the form of literature reviews, logic models, research briefs, white papers, independent reports, and much more.

Ongoing Research

In addition to evaluating your existing product, Education Market Experts can provide ongoing qualitative and quantitative research to further establish your product’s viability in the marketplace. Case studies, focus groups, and independent studies are just a few of the ongoing research services we can provide.

Research-Based Products That Sell

Our team of experts are not only highly-qualified researchers; we are also current and former educators and school administrators. We know what educators are looking for when it comes to products and services for their schools and districts. In addition to providing the research base necessary to sell to many schools and districts, we will also make recommendations to further strengthen your product offering against ESSA requirements.

Research is often overlooked by companies who are trying to break into the education marketplace. Let our team help you with the initial and ongoing research that’s vital to selling in the K-12 market.

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