In a recent article by Candice Benge for the LEARN Network, Dr. Allen Pratt shared the untapped potential of small and rural schools nationwide.

As a former Superintendent of a small and rural school in Buttonwillow, CA, I know firsthand the impact these schools can have. I’ve witnessed the success of introducing start-up companies to new markets and helping them thrive in unexplored territories.

If you’re a company looking to expand or introduce a new product, small and rural schools should be a key part of your marketing and sales outreach. These schools offer a solid foundation for growth, and there are multiple reasons why.

  • Getting your foot in the door is easier with small and rural schools.In larger districts, decision-makers are often hard to reach and may not be as welcoming. But in small and rural areas, Superintendents and other leaders are accessible and open to new opportunities.
  • Small and rural leaders value communication and collaboration.They prioritize their communities and strive for what’s best for their students. In my county, districts shared new products and held meetings to bring these innovations directly to decision-makers. When one district succeeded, others prospered as well.
  • In small districts, there’s not nearly as much bureaucratic red tape. If I believed in a product, I could set up a presentation and get the ball rolling immediately.
  • The loyalty of small and rural districts is a huge advantage for marketers. Once they find something they like, they stick with it. They don’t have the time or resources to constantly switch to something new. Building relationships with these districts is crucial, even though some individuals may eventually move on to other locations or larger districts.

No matter what, you should prioritize students over profit. Schools have limited resources and need integrity from the companies they work with. Quality is important, but they also want to know that their students’ best interests are being prioritized.

Of course, this is coming from someone who’s fresh into retirement. However, that trust and emphasis on relationship-building has carried over into the work I do with Education Market Experts and Education Innovation Experts.

Contact us today if you want to discover the untapped potential and unwavering loyalty of small and rural schools. We can help you navigate this unique market and make a profound impact on students’ lives.

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