We all know that getting in front of educators can be a challenge, but it feels most pronounced between Thanksgiving and January. You don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve built throughout the fall and risk starting the new year flat-footed. However, educators are focused on meeting their instructional goals, closing out their school year, and wrangling students and families who are laser-focused on their upcoming holiday break. But fear not! There are strategies to maintain those important educator connections during this time of year without losing your momentum.

Instead of coming on too strong, show some love with a holiday card or sweet treats for administrators and their staff. Let them know you’re here to help and understand the chaos of the season.

Remember, now is not the time for a hard sell. Educators have their hands full with students and families. Don’t be an annoyance; be a positive presence.

But hey, stay informed about your district’s needs. If they reach out to you, be responsive. Don’t leave them hanging!

During the holidays themselves, tone down the frequency of your outreach. Schools and district offices are closed, and nobody wants to return from vacation to an inbox full of sales emails. Most teachers are off the grid, but you might have a chance to engage with administrators. If you can’t resist reaching out, focus on the positive impacts of your product or service, not the problems.

Once January rolls around, give schools and districts some breathing room before requesting meetings. Send them a heartfelt note to kick off the new year. After settling in, offer them something valuable like an e-book, an informative video, or a January promotion.

Keep up consistent outreach from January through the rest of the school year. Offer content that adds value and makes educators’ lives easier. Don’t spam them with repetitive sales pitches. Mix it up with webinars, product freebies, and free trials to showcase your expertise.

By following these steps, you’ll maintain some positive momentum and set yourself up for success in the new year.

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