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Are you ready for back to school?

It’s hard to believe that summer is already on its way out and that back-to-school season is just around the corner. Many educators and administrators are still out of the office, and it can be challenging to get in touch with them. However, now is the perfect time for companies in the education space to get their back-to-school plans in place so they can hit the ground running when school reconvenes. We’ve outlined five tips below to help you get started on your back-to-school strategy.

  1. Calendar – The most critical aspect of planning for back-to-school is knowing when schools in your state or region re-open. You’ll also want to identify when admins and teachers will be back in their offices and classrooms to start promoting your product or service. Once you know this, you can plan your marketing efforts accordingly. 
  2. Audience – Identifying your audience is crucial. Ask yourself what their titles are, what their pain points are, and how you can reach them. Many vendors are tempted to just try to reach out to a Superintendent or Principal, but is that the ultimate decision-maker for your product or service? Once you’ve identified your TRUE target audience, craft an action plan to connect with them using personalized messaging. Tailor your messaging in a way that speaks to their specific needs and opportunities. 
  3. Messaging – Crafting messaging that converts is vital in driving sales. Take the time to combine all the work you’ve done on identifying your audience and their pain points, and turn it into benefits-driven messaging that converts. Remember to focus on the benefits that your product or service will offer, rather than drowning your messaging in technical jargon or features. Educators want to ultimately know how your product or service will benefit them and their students. 
  4. Methods – How you reach your audience matters. Administrators’ inboxes are overflowing with emails; consider phone calls, texts, or even in-person visits to building or district offices. Consider tailored social media or push notifications to reach a wider audience. Ensure you have a call to action so that potential customers know what to do next. 
  5. Events – Are there any national, state, or regional events you should be planning to speak at, exhibit, sponsor, or attend? Events help you develop strong relationships with administrators and decision-makers and can get you in front of people who can be difficult to reach otherwise. Make the most of these events pre-, during, and post-show. Reach out to prospects beforehand to schedule meetings. And don’t forget to have an intentional follow-up plan with your new contacts post-event. 
    1. Pro Tip: Learn from other exhibitors! There are inevitably times when exhibit hall traffic is low. Visit other booths to not only see what other vendors are doing and gain valuable insight but also to connect with other exhibitors to understand how you can collaborate at the event. You’d be surprised where these collaborations can take you. 

Planning your back-to-school strategy early can help you drive better results come September. By identifying your target educator and their needs, crafting benefits-driven messaging that speaks to them directly, utilizing effective outreach methods, and capitalizing on relevant events, you can get ahead of the game. Don’t wait for the last minute, start now, and hit the ground running when schools reopen. 

Want help with your back-to-school plans? Contact EME today! Our team of seasoned sales and marketing experts works exclusively in the education space and can help you develop a strong plan that generates leads and drives sales. 

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